Mobsters Monopoly Play Script

A Murder Mystery Where the Gangsters Either

Shoot Ya or Love Ya!


Let’s start with the mobsters. They’ve been arch rivals and enemies for years. Few people, actually only one, can even remember when or why the feud began.  But that doesn’t matter.  So, what is the murder mystery here?  Well, let us tell ya…

The Spumonis hate the Cannolis and the Cannolis hate the Spumonis. Period. If you want to be in one of their mobs, total loyalty is required. Other things like brains, knowledge of weaponry, common sense….those are optional. Godmother Cannoli and Godfather Spumoni have managed to live near each other for years by totally ignoring each other and each other’s illegitimate (um…ooops) LEGITIMATE business.

This murder mystery has a whole different twist in love and war!

Today’s News:

The members of the two gangs have secretly become so comfortable with each other over the years that it’s common for them to borrow a bottle of hooch or a cup of bullets from each other now and then. On another note, the local Madam and her girls are all upset about some town issue and Godmother Cannolis’ only daughter, Cupcake, is coming of age. There’s a lot of things she’s starting to wonder about and asking too many questions. Adding to the chaos, Sal Spumoni, the Godfather’s son, shows up after breaking out of prison!  How to hide him? Hmmm, well, let’s think about this.  We got it!  His twin sister is away at the convent and as the saying goes–if the “habit” fits.  Simple; or so they thought.

Now, here’s the murder mystery you were asking about!

Then, out of the blue, there is a murder in town!   Cops are all over the place!  AND there’s a shortage of a commodity both families need to keep their businesses running as a front for all their, shall we say, shady dealings. This can’t happen!

Family secrets are coming out, guns are drawn, and people are not who they seem to be.  AND of all things, love is in the air! Things get worse and worse as it becomes obvious both families are being backed into a corner financially.  Though others are backed into more than a corner!

Mystery?  Murder?

But WHO is behind it?

And WHY?

Is it like the old days when it was family vs family?

Or is someone else trying to hurt both of the families?

It would be unheard of to join forces, and yet, it becomes obvious there are a lot of people out there with their own motives. AND, with their own plan of action. It goes beyond who the murderer is into deeper questions like: does black make the nun’s butt look big? What flavor doughnut does the cop prefer? Do you want your martini shaken or stirred? Deep, thought provoking things like that…….

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