Murder at Shady Acres Monologue Script

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Shady Acres is the first of hopefully many monologue scripts that we have written.  It is a somewhat different script than our 3-act plays as the characters each do a monologue.

The characters will talk about themselves, what the “problem” is, and who it is that is causing the problem.  Of course, a murder then occurs.

Once all characters have performed the host comes on stage with the characters.  The audience then decides, either by a show of hands or applause, as to who they think was the murderer.

The host announces who the murderer is.

(It is up to you as to whether you want to hand out prizes for the winning people).

Our monologue scripts are about 20 minutes long which work well for smaller events.

A monologue script can be done in a reader’s theater or memorized format

Shady Acres.  A very picturesque, charming, and fascinating nursing home located in a very quiet setting just beyond the southern ridge.  Shady Acres, a place where one would kill to be a resident of.

Speaking of kill.  Here in this beautiful setting it’s been rumored that many people would like the manager of Shady Acres, DEAD!  That manager is Richie Kiniver.  Why?  He’s so cute, and suave, AND rich!

During this play you will meet:


Velma Vericose, a senior citizen who has just recently became a resident.  She isn’t too happy with her new surroundings.  With nothing else to do, Velma sits and listens.  And listens.  And listens.  Before YOU know it SHE knows it!  She knows way too much about the goings on at Shady Acres.   Velma wants to set things right and is willing to murder for that to happen.



Kenneth Kiniver, Richie’s older brother, is employed at Shady Acres but not in a prominent position such as his brother is.  Kenneth is, let’s say, a little jealous…oh forget it….he’s A LOT jealous of Richie.  Nothing he does is good enough for his brother.  Well, we’ll see about that!  Kenneth has reasons of his own to plot the death of his “faultless” employer/little brother.  He’s sure HIS plan will be without fault.



shady-acres-ritzy-womanSusanna Kiniver, Richie’s wife, is really quite full of herself.  No, really.  Quite full!  Richie has been secretive lately and is starting to restrict their finances and won’t tell Susanna why  WELL, trying to live in a small town, in an itty bitty small house, with an ittier bittier small allowance, Susanna is one of many hoping for Richie’s demise.  She is very impatient and greedy. Imagine that!  Her reasons, unlike the others, have nothing to do with Shady Acres.  But, if her plot works she will again be alive and Richie will be dead!




Because monologue scripts are much shorter than our other play scripts we have chosen to use the character descriptions above to give the customer an idea of what this play is about.  

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