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This play script has a pirate.

Yes. Just one pirate.  You’re probably wondering….a play script named Pirate’s Peril with just one pirate?  Yes.  The others are really just a bunch of misfits! Pirate’s Peril begins when Captain Blaaah (no relation to Captain Bligh of the Bounty) decides to buy a boat with his birthday money he received from his Auntie. Of course, Captain Blaaah doesn’t know his bow from his stern and has never been aboard a real sailing vessel BUT, has decided he wants to be a pirate and conquer the seven seas.

Since a first mate came with the ships “package deal”, the new captain meets the one person aboard who really knows what he’s doing. This poor guy has to educate the captain about EVERYTHING from the fact he has a ship—not a boat—to the status of the seven seas. The first mate points out that they maybe they could start by conquering the river the ship is currently in and see how that goes. From there it should be a piece of cake to fill in the crew with a cook, deckhand and of course, a wench.

What the captain ends up with is the weirdest crew of misfits ever to hoist an anchor. The cook has been kicked off every other vessel in port due to, shall we say, a bad attitude toward life in general. People in particular. The deckhand is the clumsiest person for hundreds of miles around and has a habit of falling overboard….frequently. The wench; well, actually she’s pretty good at what she does! Adding to that, there’s a stowaway, a treasure map and a questionable quest….well, things go downhill pretty quickly.

And did we mention the obligatory captain’s mascot?  Pirates Arrr Us was out of parrots. But they pawned an ape (that had been returned several times) off on our fearless leader. Everyone on board quickly learns why the mascot has been recycled so many times.

Did we mention murder in this play script?

In the middle of a lot of chaos, of course they run aground on an island full of natives! Things start out OK until the crew realizes–when the head native talks about wanting them for dinner–it wasn’t an invitation. It was the menu. Meanwhile, the crew on the ship were busy conspiring to find the native’s treasure and make it their own. That sure seems much easier than following the stupid treasure map.  The story takes another turn for the worse until the result is MURDER. Now the crew and the audience need to unravel all the twisted information to find the villain!

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