Arsenic & Old Mace (and a bunch of other lethal stuff) Play Script

A “Far Out” Comedy for Your Murder Mystery Play!


A play that makes you laugh is long remembered.  Here is a play that brings back a lot of memories from the ’70’s.  There was something about the freedom and sense of community that makes some folks yearn for the days of long hair, fingers extended in a peace sign, bare feet  and bell bottoms. It was a time when life was “groovy”.

That was then and now is now. What ever happened to those survivors of that time?  Is anyone still living in a commune and fighting rising prices in their own way?  Yes. Arsenic and Old Mace (and a bunch of other lethal stuff) tells the story of just such a group.

Who and what is this play all about?

A sailor (sort of), an Indian (in a B movie), a construction worker (untrained), a cowboy (term used loosely) and a biker (without a motorcycle). Sound familiar? They do not end up singing YMCA but they DO end up singing AARP. Same tune; different words. They are all ruled by a matriarch named Mellow. And she really is the nicest, calmest, and friendliest hippie matriarch you will ever meet.mellow-hippie-image

But what would you do if the renter is a famous movie star that ended up being the most sarcastic, arrogant, snide, demeaning person you ever met? AND she brings her butler along with her!

The butler is definitely one french fry short of a happy meal but he dotes on the actress’ every whim.

So, plan B? Some unknown insurance policies and murder = BIG $. The hippies are all thinking it but not telling each other. Things get pretty complicated with multiple murder plots going on. And when the renter does bite the dust…who done it?

Questions you might be asking about this groovy play…

How many suspects are really out there?

What are the clues?

Will anyone truly profit from her death (beside the house finally being quiet that is)?

Is the butler really one french fry short of a happy meal?

It’s a murder mystery; and the audience has to sort it all out!

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