Struck By White Lightnin’ Comedy Play Script

A Comedy Play for the Hillbilly in All of Us!


A good ol’ hillbilly comedy play that will tickle your funny bone!

This comedy play is takin’ place down in the holler.  The Possumbottom clan is preparin’ fer the return of Billy Joe Bob after he done went to the Big City five years ago to seek his fortune. Now, according to hillbilly tradition, he’s bringin’ his city-bred fiancee’, Crystal, back home to be married. The only problem is that the Possumbottoms don’t want Crystal to find out about the “family business”.  They own one of the biggest and best white lightnin’ still operations in the whole hillbilly valley.

It’s not that they’re ashamed of it….it’s just that it’s highly illegal!

So, for just a couple of days, they need to keep production running while using code words and covert strategy. That shouldn’t be hard. However, they didn’t foresee that Billy Joe Bob and Crystal would also be bringin’ a weddin’ planner. And she, poor thing, didn’t foresee being stuck back in the hills with no plan B when everything starts going wrong.

The bride-to-be turns out to be a snooty gold digger who everyone instantly dislikes. Especially the local gal who had her sights set on this being HER weddin’ and the groom being HER husband. Brothers are fightin’, Pa is of no use whatsoever, and Ma is trying to pull everything together. The “happy couple” are beginning to see each other for the way they really are while hiding the still is beginning to be a real issue.

This reader’s theater comedy play adds another little complication.

As if things couldn’t get more complicated, a Preacher comes to town.

One would think this would be a blessing since a weddin’ is coming up.  Maybe it would have been if the preacher wasn’t really an undercover Marshall bent on finding the illegal moonshine activity in the area. He gets very confused on who is who and what is what….but he is DETERMINED. As the weddin’ day unfolds, the audience learns more than they probably wanted to about the Possumbottom clan.

And  how difficult it is to pull off a simple weddin’?   Of course, most aren’t complicated by a murder.

WHY a murder on such a happy occasion?

HOW?  Now that isn’t even immediately obvious.

A lot of questions for the families and outsiders to answer AND a lot for the audience to take into consideration if they want to solve the mystery!

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